Middle School

Years 7 to 9 are a period of transition for students, as they cross the bridge between primary learning and their senior school years.

Our Middle School is a caring, secure and welcoming place where students develop the confidence they need to successfully learn and develop. Recognising that students in this age group are experiencing a period of self-discovery, our Middle School program is structured and supportive, while at the same time catering to students’ increasingly individual interests.

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Our Middle School Curriculum (Years 7 - 9)

A comprehensive transition program begins in Year 6 and the School along with student’s respective tutors are in regular communication with families throughout the settling-in period. Our Year 7 students have their own dedicated ‘home’ in the Year 7 Precinct and meet daily with their tutor, who is the main carer during their first year of secondary school. They also attend an Outdoor Education camp early in the year, with a focus on pastoral development, and helping to establish positive relationships with their peers and teachers.

Our Middle School philosophy and practice is to ensure that every Middle School student is engaged in their learning. This means they are actively listening, watching, reading, thinking, making, speaking, performing and writing in a manner that indicates they are focused on, and interested in, their studies. The learning program is relevant, engaging and inspiring. Our curriculum is designed specifically to capture the interest and imagination of students at this stage in their learning journey, and it’s taught by dedicated teachers with a passion for the middle years.

Extra Curricular Activities for Middle School Students

Beyond the Middle School Curriculum, there is a wide range of co-curricular activities and competitions for our students to be involved in. We offer opportunities in Sport, Outdoor Education, Performing and Visual Arts, Leadership and Community Links. As well as a wide range of inter-school academic competitions across maths, science, information communication technology, humanities, problem solving, debating and public speaking are available to Middle School students.

Our Academic Expectations

We set high expectations with regard to academic rigour and encourage our students to think of themselves as learners and thinkers. Strong teacher-student relationships mean our students feel comfortable seeking assistance, and understand why they are learning specific content, concepts and skills. Our teachers also seek feedback from students as various points throughout the year.

The Middle School program takes our Middle School students beyond the four walls of their classroom to reinforce their learning and to challenge their thinking. The traditional, classroom-based delivery of the curriculum is complemented and enhanced by the Inquiry Model of learning. Together, these two educational approaches encourage and empower our students to think independently and to develop a large range of skills needed for independent learning, which is so important beyond Year 9.

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“I look forward to seeing the engagement and development of all our Middle School students as they explore the wide range of fantastic opportunities on offer in our Middle School. Our program is unique and varied and caters to the diverse interests of young people, it challenges and allows students to step outside their comfort zone. As Olympic coach, Laurie Lawrence wrote in his book ‘Five Ring Fever’, ‘character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through the experiences of trial and disappointment can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.’” Mr Jason Wylie - Head of Middle School

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